Hebrew Year 5779 and Justice

Hebrew Year 5779 and Justice

In just a couple of days the Hebrew Calendar will roll over to the year 5779. What, you may ask does that have to do with me? That all of course depends. Perhaps you don’t even recognize the Hebrew Calendar. Perhaps you are a believer who doesn’t believe or may have been taught that Jewish feast stuff is old school. That’s all done with. It doesn’t matter what any of us believe it is what the Bible, the Word of The Lord says.

You see we as Gentiles or ‘the nations’ are grafted into the seed of Abraham, through Jesus Christ. In other words we are in covenant. Jesus came to fulfill the law and not abolish it. Likewise he didn’t abolish the feasts. Zechariah 14:16-19 talks about the nations going up to worship Jesus and celebrate the feasts. God gave them to be celebrated perpetually, in other words forever. So it is an honor to celebrate, and celebrate in the way He leads me.

I love the sound of the shofar and I especially enjoy being a vessel by which the Holy Spirit blows the shofar through. Rosh Hashanah or Yom Trua,  the day of blowing the shofar is September 9 at sundown until September 11 at sundown. Again we as Gentiles don’t go around blowing shofars all day. But this being a new year I want to point out to you what it means.

The year 5779 is essentially a year of justice. The number 9 points to justice and judgment. Individually that means a setting of right of things that are  wrong. In order for that to take place we have to surrender our lives. We must repent and seek forgiveness. Before God can bring justice on our part we need to stand in the courts of heaven with clean hands and pure hearts.

It’s not a time to declare judgment on people we don’t like or that have wronged us. This is about God turning things around for us. It’s not a name it and claim it but about accepting the time that is at hand. God wants to deliver us, set us free, right all the wrongs done to us, but we must do our part.

It’s time seek the Lord, cleanse our hearts and minds and surrender and wait for God to do things according to His ways. Jesus will set things right when He comes back and establishes His kingdom. However, we must recognize that the cross is the place where He has set things right but we are here to carry that out. I believe 5779 will be a microcosm of what will be when Jesus establishes His kingdom.

Part of Jesus’ return includes His judgments. Yes, He is a righteous judge who is coming to bring justice in all the earth.

Our part then is to get our hearts right and set them to partner with Him when He will release judgment. Let 5779 be the year where the Lord will dispense justice for you and your family for restitution, reconciliation, blessings beyond measure, in every area of our lives. So what are you waiting for, cleanse your hearts and get ready.

What Do You Do When You Get Revival

What Do You Do When You Get Revival?

We are all seeking more of God and His presence, and to know Him more and more. There is more written about intimacy with Jesus than ever before. The cry for revival fire is going up all around the earth. It’s God’s cry to come in alignment with Him and His desire for truth, righteousness and justice in the earth. In Psalm 27:8 David writes “your face I will seek”. Seeking God and seeking revival are, at least I believe, essentially the same. We pray for the fire, and what the fire is and does is another topic. We know the fire cleanses but it also causes us to burn for Jesus, to burn for the Father.

So the question is what do we do when seek God’s face and seek revival and seek the ‘fire’ and we get it? I mean what happens when we get what we asked for?

If your name is Moses and you ask show me your glory, He tells you ‘you can see my backside.’ He says no man can see my face and live. Yet, David still said, ‘your face I will seek.’ But, for Moses he got to stand on a rock. In fact God put him on the rock beside Him.

To stand on a rock beside the Father of Glory would be enough for most. After this event scripture records of Moses, in Exodus 33:11, and Numbers 12:8 that God spoke face to face, mouth to mouth with Him, and not in dark parables, or dreams or visions. Something changed in Moses’ relationship and how he communed with the Lord. There was an encounter that resulted in a shifting of how Moses received information from The Father.

But, my focus is not on that now but on the fact that Moses got what he asked for. It is what happens after he ‘saw God’s glory’ is what I’m after. We spend time seeking, and certainly it is the Holy Spirit drawing us to seek, or chase after the glory of God. Why did God tell Moses no man can seek My face and live and yet David said, ‘your face will I seek”? Surely David knew the scripture. Nevertheless, this is the man it is written was a ‘man after God’s own heart”.

That in itself has come to mean something new to me. We’ve heard it taught that God was saying David has a servant heart or a heart like I want in a leader. Yes, David’s heart was to serve the Lord. But ultimately David was just after the heart of God, to know God and know His heart. We need to be like David and seek God’s heart in any situation, and His heart for our own lives, families, cities, and the nations.

But, again the question is what do we do when we seek God or we seek revival and we get it? Simply put we don’t let go. Moses, obviously didn’t, yet he didn’t make into the promised land because of disobedience. David also got it as we read of the many Psalms written by him, and his desire to build ‘a resting place for God’. Thes are two primary examples for scripture. I could elaborate and mention others who spent their lives seeking God and seeking revival. John the Apostle as well as John the Baptist. In John 5:35 Jesus tells us John the Immerser was ‘a burning and shining lamp.’ How did he get to be that burning and shining lamp? Seeking Him and standing in His presence.

There are those like Count Zinzendorf and the Moravian prayer revival or Bernard of Clairvaux, who devoted their lives to prayer and seeing God. Their impact on society and history is recorded and has been a lasting one. The Moravians started a missions movement that lasted over 100 years and affected the modern missions movement. There are the Ravenhill’s and the Steve Hill’s just to name a few of the modern leaders who have sought God’s heart and as a result been known as great revivalists. I’m sure you could add many and there a those rising up even as I write.

So, what do we do now with the ‘fire of God’ once we get it? Some may say well this happened or the enemy did this or that or I made bad choices. Well I’m right there with you. But recently the Lord showed me and my wife despite all the trials, tribulations, attacks, bad choices and all that life throws our ways, we never lost the fire we got a hold of in Revival. You see getting the fir is not about attending some fiery services and the Holy Spirit showing up. Yes, that may be the place you get it or it may be the place where it is re-kindled or re-ignited.

If you are hungry and thirsty for more of Him and all that He has the be assured He won’t disappoint. Most of us have at some point had an encounter and received the ‘fire’. Maybe we are in a cold or lukewarm congregation or a rough job, or just bad circumstances. Whatever the case these are all things that want to steal or pour out the fire. The challenge is this: don’t let go. I remember when I was in Bible School one of the professors talked about meeting some people in Wales that were part of or were somehow connected to the Welsh Revival. One of the gentlemen told him “whatever you do, when you get it, don’t let go.”

So, whether you stand on a rock beside God, or watch sheep on the backside of the desert, or ever how you get the fire and glory, Don’t Let Go! You may feel like it’s too late, or that it’s all gone, but I just believe that there is an ember or spark left. Just ask the Holy Spirit to come and ignite that spark again, and then seek God like never before and you will burn until Jesus comes back, and beyond

Delight In The Lord As He Delights In You

Delight In The Lord As He Delights In You!

Growing up in a pastor’s home has its ups and downs, but I am thankful for that time and having the word of God poured into me. Yet, I never understood how much our Heavenly Father delights in us. I had read some verses about delighting in the Lord, like Psalm 37:4, admonishing us to delight in the Lord. I just couldn’t grasp how I could delight in God when all I ever heard was how we need to do this or do that and even though I heard how much Jesus and the Father loved me, somehow I always felt they were just out there.

What does it mean to delight? I actually looked up the word joy and one definition of joy is to delight or find pleasure in is. So the words are in essence interchangeable. If I say I am full of joy I am by the same token full of delight.

In the past 30 or so years there has been much written and preached and ‘intimacy with God or Jesus.’ It has been a game changer for many in the body. I will write on holiness and other similar topics later. For me it was just this idea that God is so holy how can we enjoy Him? I mean I had been ‘saved’ and had a relation with Jesus, but my joy and delight was not in spending time with Jesus. It was in pursuing the things I wanted to do.

What is so awesome is that the Father in heaven let me go after things that I enjoyed or at least I thought I did. Nevertheless He was always there reeling me back in when I strayed too far of course. He invites us to sit with Him but He never forces anything, because all that He does flows from love.

There’s college and then getting a good paying job, and then the house, which in my case consisted of some land in the country. Of course there is the children and birthday parties, and all of the nice things that we seem to find pleasure in. Vacations, fishing or hunting trips, or just relaxing at home. Then there is gardening and cooking and maybe if you are like me you even enjoy cleaning.

After years of doing life I still wasn’t getting it. Yet, God still delighted in me. It took some time and many setbacks but one day I finally got it. Isaiah 62:4 says ‘the Lord delights in you.’ Sure that was written about Israel, but we apply many verses to us. It was as if the light finally turned on. Everything I thought I enjoyed seemed trivial in comparison to the fact that I can and do enjoy God the Father.

I always loved to hear and read and study the word of God. Indeed I gained much pleasure from it. Today I love the word even more and I am more in love with The Word, Jesus. It is no longer something written like a command, but it is a way of life to delight in the Lord. One day I heard the Lord tell me to delight in Him as He delights in me. I don’t think I can ever rise up to the level of God’s delight in me but I am certainly pursuing it.

Finally, I encourage you to seek the Lord with all of your heart. Seek Him and learn to enjoy Him. There are seasons we go through where the Lord tests us for various reasons. It gets really hard but we need to come to the place where we can enjoy the process, because it is the process that helps shape us. In Psalm 37:4 we are admonished to ‘delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of our heart.’ I used to read that and think oh boy if I just enjoy God He will give me what I really want, you know the stuff we all crave. And let me say things like cars and new clothes and money in themselves are not bad, the Lord wants us to have them but enjoy them.

But I look at that verse differently now, as If I delight in the Lord Then desires of my heart will be the desires of His heart. That is what we are really after, isn’t it. What pleases our heavenly Father? As a father I enjoy doing things for my children. Likewise they enjoy doing things with me and for me. I don’t believe they will ever enjoy me more than I enjoy them. Yet, they keep trying as we should with Father God.

So take the time to enjoy God’s word afresh and anew, then enjoy Him in all that you do, even in those mundane things. It’s in the mundane where we most often find how much we can enjoy Him if we just look at the mundane through His eyes.