Modeling Christ, Beholding Christ

We have all been taught and can recite the ‘Great Commission”, found at the end of Matthew chapter twenty-eight. Jesus sent His disciples out and told them to disciple or make more disciples of the nations. Jesus was taking the charge that Israel had been given to be a light to the Nations and gaveContinue reading “Modeling Christ, Beholding Christ”

It’s Time To Pick Up Our Harps Sing The Lord’s Song

It seems these days that most of the church is consumed with events of the world, whether it be politics, business, healthcare, sports, or entertainment, to the point that we have ‘hung up our harps.’ We no longer sing the Lord’s songs in this foreign land called planet earth. Many church worship services are noContinue reading “It’s Time To Pick Up Our Harps Sing The Lord’s Song”

Pentecost in Ruth: A Prelude To The Harvest Of The Nations

While Christians will celebrate Pentecost Sunday next week on May 23, 2021, at Sundown today, Jews will begin to celebrate this special Holiday associated with Harvests. This year, it is an unusual time as Jews in Israel, especially near Gaza, are under attack, and a barrage of rockets being launched by a few terrorists inContinue reading “Pentecost in Ruth: A Prelude To The Harvest Of The Nations”

Twelve Ways The Church Is Called To Prepare The Way Of The Lord: Introduction

A Voice, Crying! Isaiah 40:3-4 is the forerunner message and is the verse that John the Baptist quoted to say who he was when he came on the scene. “A voice cries: ‘In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Every valley shall beContinue reading “Twelve Ways The Church Is Called To Prepare The Way Of The Lord: Introduction”

My Life: The Making of A Shofar

2 Cor. 14:8 “If the trumpet (shofar) does sound a clear sound, who will get ready for battle?” Who has not heard the sound of a shofar? It makes a clear, distinct sound when it is blown correctly. In Israel, you hear them all day long on Rosh Hashanah as they declare the Head ofContinue reading “My Life: The Making of A Shofar”