Five Signs You May Be Dealing With A Mammon Spirit

Jesus talked a lot about provision, money, wealth, and its effect on the kingdom lifestyle. He talked about putting God first and storing up treasure in heaven. He also talked a lot about serving and helping others from a love relationship with Him and the Father. When it came to dealing with storing up earthlyContinue reading “Five Signs You May Be Dealing With A Mammon Spirit”

Ten Characteristics of A Religious Spirit

The term religious spirit or spirit of religion is not mentioned by name as such in the Bible, but the evidence is everywhere, especially in the Gospels. Daily our thoughts become a battlefield where we must take captive every thought, putting it at the cross and taking up the mind of Christ. Unfortunately, however, weContinue reading “Ten Characteristics of A Religious Spirit”

Pruning Season In The Kingdom of God Follow the above link for a short video on this subject. I’ve been talking a lot about dealing with baggage, hurts, wounds, and stuff that holds us back in our Kingdom walk. I have discussed how we need to be zealous to get rid of those things in our lives that hinder us fromContinue reading “Pruning Season In The Kingdom of God”

Is Critical Race Theory Just More Racism & Hate?

I have hesitated about weighing in on this issue, but it has become such a hot button, and millions of children are being exposed to this lie that I felt it was time to see what the Bible says. Critical race theory was developed in the 1970s and has recently come to the limelight dueContinue reading “Is Critical Race Theory Just More Racism & Hate?”

The Purpose of Signs, Wonders, and Miracles

We live in a fallen world with much sickness, disease, pestilence, poverty, and many other evils. While the kingdom of Heaven may have come, it has not yet manifested fully. In heaven, none of the evils mentioned above are present, nor is there sin. Everything is in order as it should be. All of creationContinue reading “The Purpose of Signs, Wonders, and Miracles”