The Prophets Primary Job?

The Prophets Primary Job There is so much being written and taught about the prophetic, prophesy, and prophets today that it is often hard to discern what is truth and what is just a lot of fluff. There has been a call for a reformation of the prophetic or a more pure prophetic flow. But,Continue reading “The Prophets Primary Job?”

Man’s Conspiracy or God’s Plan

Man’s Conspiracy or God’s Plan! Given the current world pandemic and shutdowns on every hand, and all of the possible scenarios, we have to be steadfast to see these events through God’s perspective. Conspiracy theories, which may not be theories, abound and yet, we never really hear what God is truly saying. There are voicesContinue reading “Man’s Conspiracy or God’s Plan”

Purim: Retribution For The House of Saul

Purim: Retribution For The House of Saul The Jewish celebration of Purim is recounted in the book of Esther, and tells how an orphaned Jewish girl living in exile with her people rose to be the most powerful women in the Persian kingdom. It also tells Hadasa as was her Jewish name, was able toContinue reading “Purim: Retribution For The House of Saul”

Preparing For The Wedding: Acquiring Oil

Preparing For The Wedding: Acquiring Oil AS times grow harder and harder with society and culture growing more evil we need to be reminded of our call as believers to prepare and be ready for Jesus’ return culminating in the Bride of Christ being ready. It seems that the level of demonic warfare and hatredContinue reading “Preparing For The Wedding: Acquiring Oil”

Rejoicing In Suffering Persecution

Rejoicing In Suffering & Persecution In the world we live in and especially in the perilous times we currently are in there is much suffering, persecution, and sometimes even martyrdom. People in general suffer from sickness, disease, poverty, hardships, disasters and death. Loss and suffering have been with mankind at some level since our firstContinue reading “Rejoicing In Suffering Persecution”