Pruning Season In The Kingdom of God Follow the above link for a short video on this subject. I’ve been talking a lot about dealing with baggage, hurts, wounds, and stuff that holds us back in our Kingdom walk. I have discussed how we need to be zealous to get rid of those things in our lives that hinder us fromContinue reading “Pruning Season In The Kingdom of God”

Modeling Christ, Beholding Christ

We have all been taught and can recite the ‘Great Commission”, found at the end of Matthew chapter twenty-eight. Jesus sent His disciples out and told them to disciple or make more disciples of the nations. Jesus was taking the charge that Israel had been given to be a light to the Nations and gaveContinue reading “Modeling Christ, Beholding Christ”

Enjoying God: Freedom From Fear

It seems today that there are ample opportunities to become fearful or walk in fear. Whether it is the COVID-19 virus or the tension in our government, we are becoming a fear-ridden society. No one seems to be exempt. The ‘spirit of fear’ is constantly knocking on our heart’s doors seeking to come in. Why?Continue reading “Enjoying God: Freedom From Fear”

The Zeal Of Phineas In Dealing With Life-Controlling Issues

Identifying Phinehas In Psalm 106:30, we find the Psalmist outlining an event from Numbers 25:7-8, where a man named Phinehas executed judgment on the sins of Israel, and a plague that erupted as a result of their idolatry was stopped. The Children of Israel disobeyed the Lord’s commands by mixing with the Moabite men andContinue reading “The Zeal Of Phineas In Dealing With Life-Controlling Issues”

When You Are In The Pit: Don’t Despair

When You Are In The Pit: Don’t Despair. This is an excerpt from the soon to be released book From Babel to The New Jerusalem: God’s Heart For The Nations You may feel like you are in a pit and that there is no way out. All seems lost as everywhere you turn, you faceContinue reading “When You Are In The Pit: Don’t Despair”