The Current Mideast Situation and The Rise in Antisemitism

Road signs in Israel - Wikipedia

We have all seen the rockets, sirens, and pictures coming out of Israel and Gaza. Likewise, there are numerous attacks here in America on synagogues, mainly pro-Palestinian groups openly attacking Jews or pro-Israel people in the streets. These latter occurrences are happening in places like New York and Los Angeles. The disturbing photos look like something from the West Bank or someplace in Israel, like Jerusalem.

In the last few days, I have been asked about what is going on and whether I am concerned for Israel? While it is evident that I am concerned, I am not overly concerned to the point that I fear this is the Psalm 83 war or Ezekiel 38 war. So, what is going on and why now? Recently, the Jews celebrated Jerusalem day at the Western wall, while Muslims celebrated the end of the thirty-day holiday known as Ramadan.

The Story Goes On

I explained to one man that it is about the land and particularly Jerusalem. It all began with a man named Abraham, and the promise to his seed, through Isaac, and Jacob that they would possess that land forever. Later, God establishes the Davidic covenant with King David that someone from his line would sit on the throne of Israel in Jerusalem forever.

The Muslims, through the Quran, teach that the promise goes through Ishmael. They teach that God has no son and that Jesus is a good prophet. The Islamic advance gained control of Jerusalem and the holy land, resulting in the infamous Crusades. Jerusalem remained in the hands of Muslims through the Ottoman empire until 1917, when it was surrendered to the British and the ‘British Mandate’ resulted.

Israel became a nation in 1948 and was given a slither of land by the United Nations, and the rest was set aside for a future Palestinian state. Remember, the land was given to Israel by God, but he carted them into exile under Babylonian occupation. Later, they returned and rebuilt the temple and city of Jerusalem.

The land we know as Israel remained under Persian, Greek, and Roman occupation until the collapse of the RomanEmpire. Romans 11:26 tells us that the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable, and Isaiah 49 tells us that God cannot forget Israel or Zion.

God began restoring the people of Israel to the land slowly until, by 1948, there were enough to form a nation with a small army, that with God’s help, were able to defeat its attackers. Fast forward to 1967 when Jordan, Egypt, and Syria attacked Israel in the 6-day war and were defeated in this war, losing land to Israel, including Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and land in the Sinai that was later given back to Egypt. Most recently, Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, lining the world up to God’s plan.

Jerusalem: The Battle of The End of The Age

What Donald Trump did was recognizing Jerusalem as God’s chosen city, which is outlined throughout scripture. It is the city where He has chosen to place His name forever. This is a prelude to The New Jerusalem. Nevertheless, it has always been God’s intent for the nations to come and gather in Jerusalem worshipping His son, The King of Zion, and King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

Many Christians argue that God doesn’t have a capital on the earth and even go so far as to say that the church has replaced Israel. This is contrary to scripture, and Paul outlines this in the New Testament in Romans chapters nine thru eleven. Jerusalem is the unique place where Jesus died, was buried, and arose, and later ascended to heaven from the nearby Mount of Olives, where He will return and establish His Kingdom on the earth for 1,000 years.

Despite God’s plans for Jerusalem, Israel, and the Church, in the end, Satan seeks to prevent all of this. When Paul wrote all Israel shall be saved, I believe that it will happen at some point. I also believe, as scripture teaches, that it must come through Jesus, and there is no separate path to salvation now for Jews. The covenant with the Jews is about the land.

The Jews gave us the Bible, a day off each week, and salvation through Jesus. Why would we not want to see His own people repent and be saved?

Still, this is all a spiritual battle for Jerusalem, mainly to prevent the return of Jesus. Jesus told His people that they would not see Him again until they say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’ Satan’s goal is to prevent that any way he can.

By destroying the Jews, keeping them out of the land, and preventing Jesus’ return to Jerusalem, Satan plans to stop the return of Jesus and His rule on the earth.

There will be great battles with the loss of much life over Jerusalem in the end. Before that, there is much that must take place.

Iran (Persia) and War

In his first one hundred years in office, President Joseph Biden has undone much of Donald Trump’s accomplishments. One of the worst steps was to take the gloves off of Iran, allowing them to freely move freely, with no sanctions, and restart their nuclear program (if they ever stopped). We know that Iran is the leading supporter of terrorism in the Middle East and a major supplier of arms to Hamas in Gaza.

Iran also incites riots in the West Bank and Gaza and Western nations with large Jewish populations or Pro-Israel stands.

In Psalm 83, we see many of Israel’s enemies listed who desire to wipe them off the map. Included are the tents of Edom, which are the Palestinians. I don’t believe that most people in these nations are terrorists and genuinely seek to live in peace. Many Arabs lived alongside Jews in Israel in peace. But we saw the rise of hatred and rioting as neighbor fought neighbor recently.

Even though we may not see these wars yet, we see the beginnings or increase in birth pangs. Anti-semitism and anti-Israel is a spirit of division, hate, and a spirit of Anti-Christ. To hate Jews is to hate Jews and hate Israel. Jesus will return as a Jewish King. He will return as God. He has not ceased to be fully God and fully man, and a Jewish man at that.

Road Signs Increasingly Closer

Think of it this way: When I left St. Louis heading back to Kansas City, I would see a sign that would read Kansas City 242 miles. Consider that like the destruction of the temple and scattering of the Jews in 70 AD. Then later, I would see another sign, KC 192, 175, and 150, until I got within 101 miles of KC.

Each sign was letting me know that I was closer to Kansas City and what lay ahead. From mile 242 to mile 101, I passed several signs, but, in between each sign, I encountered rivers, towns, farms, and change of scenery.

It’s like The Jews encountered another diaspora, the Crusades, Inquisitions, and other related tragedies until finally, the Russian pogroms were issued in 1881, allowing one-third of the Jews there to return to Israel.

At mile marker 101, it was always a great place to stop and refresh before that last push. That would be like the freedom from the Ottomans to the British mandate leading up to 1948.

It seemed that I would always get more tired as I drove closer to Kansas City, and yet I could feel home nearby.

So it has been for the Jews. Many hundreds of thousands have taken aliyah from Europe, the former Soviet Union, and also South America, Canada, and the US.

The signs are here for us. What we see now is like a sign I might see stating that I was only 28 miles from Kansas City. You see, it has been a long journey for Israel. It has also seen the church go from being its worst enemy to the best friend.

As we enter the last stages of the battle for Jerusalem and the return of the Jewish King to His city, we will see more such attacks on Jews and even lovers of Israel. Many people blame all the problems of the world on Jews. Like any ethnic group, they have their faults and are undoubtedly guilty of many things. Taking over the world is not one of them.

Jesus is returning for one church, made up of people from the nations and Israel. This is the one new man that paul wrote about in Ephesians 2. While we are praying that Israel is provoked to jealousy by the church and the nations, we know that the enemy will do all he can to stop this. If he can bring division between Jew and Arab, then he will. But the truth is that many Arab Muslims are becoming followers of Jesus, which is causing many Jews to turn to Him as well.

Establishing Jerusalem as a Praise

Isaiah 62:7 speaks of placing watchmen on the wall until ‘Jerusalem is made a praise in all of the earth.” Jerusalem is far from being a praise. It is fought over, and many seek to divide it. There is no peace in Jerusalem and will not be lasting peace until Jesus returns and establishes His kingdom, thereby establishing Jerusalem as ‘a praise.’

Every instance of violence between Jews and the nations is a counter what God has planned for Jerusalem and Israel. The struggle to displace the Jews from their ancient homeland and to return it to other nations will continue as part of the demonic plan for the anti-Christ spirit to not only destroy Israel but rule the world. It is nothing new, but it is growing more and more intense.

As terroism increases and the struggle for the land continues, the drive for a two state solution will continued to be heralded by the ‘nations’ until that is realized, Israel is wiped out by the Psalm 83 confederacy, or Jesus returns.

Watch the signs and study the Bible, praying for the Peace of Jerusalem and that God will establish Jerusalem as a praise. Pray for the nations to recognize Jesus as their King and fall in line with the prophetic plans that God has promised for Israel, the Church, and the nations.

A few things that must take place before Jesus returns: Jerusalem cries, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, the nations evangelized (gospel preached to all nations) and worldwide revival. I believe the revival that is coming to Israel will begin in Tel-Aviv as it is a very secular city with little religious presence. This is where Peter was used to raise Dorcas from the dead. It was Joppa, modern Tel-Aviv where this took place. There is already a mighty move of God taking place. Secondly, Arabs will come to the Lord and that is happening.

Don’t Lose Heart

I urge you to not lose heart but pray and watch just as Jesus told His disciples to do. Don’t let the news media or events determine your response but rather the Holy Spirit. As the signs say we are close the return of Jesus then look up and cry out Maranatha! Even so, Come Lord Jesus, establish your kingdom.

Published by Joseph Floyd

I am a disciple of Christ, Husband, Father of 3 grown daughters. My wife and have a heart for the nation's and we long to see every nation worshipping Jesus around the throne. I enjoy writing, languages, international culinary of all kinds, travel, gardening, and cooking. My goal is to see the church and the nations prepared for the King's return, Jesus Christ.

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