Carriers of The Glory: To The Streets

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You may have heard the saying ‘we need to take the glory to the streets’ or ‘get the church past the four walls.’ But what does that mean? Do we really understand what the glory is and how to carry it? Is there a Biblical precedent for such language?

To grow and thrive and the message of the gospel to go forth in the vast swaths of darkness that surround us today, we must understand what we, as disciples of Christ, have and how to carry it and shine the light of the gospel. We all know that Jesus is the light and that when we are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, we are carriers of that light.

It’s Not For Our Entertainment

Unfortunately, the Western Church has come to the place that the Holy Spirit is reserved for Sunday mornings and a few prayer meetings. We spend most of our time at corporate gatherings trying to get filled up and wanting a fresh touch that we forget the Holy Spirit’s purpose. He lives in us to teach, guide, bless, lead, direct counsel, and a whole host of other things. He is our worship and prayer leader, but we treat Him solely as the guy that makes us feel good in meetings.

You see we should come filled up to overflowing and expect more and then leave and go to our homes, businesses, restaurants, and wherever we go overflowing so that the power of the Holy Spirit falls on the people we meet. But, what we see is Christians walking around without the power of God flowing in our lives.

The Holy Spirit is the person of the Godhead that dwells inside of each believer. He took the time to come as a man, Jesus Christ, pay the price for our sins, suffered, died, and arose from the dead and ascended to heaven where He is seated awaiting His return and establishment of His kingdom here. He sent the Holy Spirit so that we can live the life he called us to live. Yet, we have placed the Holy Spirit to a prayer language we use once per week, and maybe a few healings and a couple of decent prophecies.

The Holy Spirit is not our source of entertainment, nor is a worship[ service a concert!!!

Where Is The Power?

So, where is the power of the Holy Spirit? Where is the power to help us overcome the thoughts and evil ways that constantly pervade our minds? Finally, where is the power to heal, deliver, and set captives free?

It is in us, but we are not partnering with Him. We forget that the Holy Spirit is a person. We tend to treat him as a force like on Star Wars. He is a member of the Godhead and wants to fellowship with us, and He wants to use us. He wants to fill us with power to heal, deliver and set captives free. So what is the problem?

It has something to do with faith and lack of surrender. We don’t believe, so we don’t surrender and obey. He gives us our daily battle plans and tells us when to worship, pray, and when to sit at the feet of Jesus. He also wants to tell us to pray for the sick, cast out demons, and set the captives free.

We must learn to walk in accord with the Spirit like guitar strings flow in harmony. Otherwise, we will continue to flounder in our selfish, powerless ways, and the world will continue to dwell in the darkness around us. Without the Holy Spirit flowing through us, the world will not experience the love and freedom of Christ. God’s glory or light and presence must be demonstrated outside of the four walls of the Church.

Lessons From The Old Testament

The token or symbol of God’s presence in the Old Testament was the ark of the covenant. The ark was where the mercy seat was and where the presence of God came and settled when the High priest laid the sacrifices for the sins of Israel. There are a few times when the ark was carried in broad view to demonstrate the presence and power of God to the world.

In the book of Joshua, God commanded the priests to carry the ark around the city of Jericho for seven days, and then on the seventh day after the shofar was sounded, the walls fell. Now, we know that the walls of Jericho could have quickly fallen by the hand of God without that demonstration. I believe the application for us is that God partners with His people in taking the land. We need the preaching of the gospel, but we also need a demonstration of the Spirit’s power. He needs us, and we need Him. That is His plan to bring glory to the earth.

Later, the Children of Israel take the ark from the Holy of Holies and flippantly place it on the battlefield in front of the Philistines. It is equivalent to believers attempting to bring the glory to a lost world without the Holy Spirit’s power. There is protocol, and the Children of Isreal did not follow that when they brought out the ark. We have to take the time and sit in the presence of God and worship and pray and listen and obey what He says, not do it our way.

After the ark sat in a village near the Philistine territory for thirty years, David decided to bring it to Jerusalem. No one had sought it since Saul became king. Don’t let it be said that we didn’t seek the Holy Spirit but instead deemed Him to just our corporate time or our prayer closet at home. David pitched a tent for the ark. You are a tent of clay, according to the book of Job. Have you prepared your tent through repentance, consecration, and worship for the Holy Spirit to overtake you and use you?

It’s Time

It’s time to take the Glory of God to the streets, whether that be at your workplace, business, factory, mega supermarket, school, and college, or governmental entity. It’s Biblical since we see Paul and others doing much of their ministry ‘in the streets’ or, as some call it, the marketplace. The true Church or body of believers cannot be confined to a building or even a home. It needs to breathe. It is a living, breathing being, the bride of Christ and must walk in full, mature stature.

Part of being a bride made ready is not just a Holy, cleansed bride who knows and understands intimacy with her bridegroom, nor is just limited to being a warring bride. The bride of Jesus Christ becomes mature when signs, wonders, miracles, healings, deliverance, and moving freely in the streets are normal.

What are you waiting for? Get filled to overflowing and take it out wherever you go.

Published by Joseph Floyd

I am a disciple of Christ, Husband, Father of 3 grown daughters. My wife and have a heart for the nation's and we long to see every nation worshipping Jesus around the throne. I enjoy writing, languages, international culinary of all kinds, travel, gardening, and cooking. My goal is to see the church and the nations prepared for the King's return, Jesus Christ.

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