Canceling St. Patrick

Keeping St. Patrick’s Day while Canceling St. Patrick

Forgotten Miracles of Saint Patrick

In less than two weeks millions of people, mostly of Irish descent, will celebrate what is supposed to be the Feast Day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Many Catholics will gather for mass celebrations, while many cities and towns around America will have parades, and in some places like Savannah, Georgia, they will even dye the river green with food color. Many people celebrate this day by drinking huge volumes of beer, often dyed green.

Most people in America and elsewhere have no clue who St. Patrik was or what it was he did and why there is a holiday named for him. To most, it is the “Irish” holiday where we all wear green and eat green sugary snacks. However, none of that has anything to do with St. Patrik or why the Catholic church has assigned March 17 as his feast day, or why he is the patron saint of Ireland.

In fact, Patrick was not Irish at all and would probably be appalled by all of the foolish celebrations taking place in his name. Patrick was a true disciple and follower of Jesus Christ who would wish that He receive all of the adoration.

Patrick was born in Britain in the late fourth century. There are many tales and legends about his life and events surrounding him. The best Source is Patrick’s Confession which is his biography and confession of his life as a slave in Ireland and how he escaped back to Britain only to find his family deceased or enslaved.

His grandfather was a pious priest and perhaps Patrick would have endeavored to be a priest as well. He spent six years as a slave in Ireland and after his escape, he spent much time studying the Bible and in prayer. At some point, he had a dream where the Irish were asking him to come back.

“We bid thee, O’ Patrick, to come back to us”.

Truly this was a Macedonian call to bring the Gospel of Jesus to Ireland. Patrick is credited with bringing the gospel to Ireland and is known as the Apostle to Ireland, If you want to study the life of a true post-Biblical Apostle then Patrick is one to review. When he arrived in Ireland his old captor heard of his return and locked his family and other slaves in the house and killed himself as well as his family. He feared Patrik coming for revenge.

Having heard of this Patrick realized the Spiritual warfare he was up against in coming to Ireland in bringing the gospel. He was going to forgive his old master, but now that would not take place. Patrick realized that he must face the wicked, religious demons and principalities over the nation of Ireland. So he set up a contest at ‘Tara’ the place where the Irish kings and druid priests would gather and meet to determine the plans of the nation for the future. They would call on the false gods and seek to appease them.

Knowing this Patrick set out to meet them there and in an Elijah-like showdown the God of Patrick prevailed. Details of what happened that day are not well known, but after that meeting, many kings came into the kingdom of God. The king of Dublin sought Patrik after his daughter died and it is known that she was raised from the dead. This was the beginning of the truly Apostolic ministry of Patrick as he brought the one true God and declared his kingdom to the island of Ireland.

Patrick used the three-leaf clover to explain the Godhead or more commonly known as the trinity. He probably didn’t expel snakes from the island since there most likely weren’t any snakes on post-glacial Ireland in the first place. The only snakes he drove out were the spiritual ones that the people had been influenced by and worshipping. These were the demons and other satanic forces that claimed the island until Patrick brought the Gospel of the Kingdom.

You Can’t Cancel Patrick

Patrick would not only be appalled at the celebration that takes place in his name but he would be an outspoken voice against many of the issues we face today. Patrick would speak and declare the truth of the word of God today just as he did then. The ‘cancel culture’ would definitely try to cancel him, but as is evidenced by his life he would not bow to Satan’s music and allow the voice of the enemy to cancel him or shut him up.

Patrick’s ministry was one of signs and wonders and that is what it will take to encounter the evil that we face today. Let Patrik be an example to us that we shall not keep silent and speak the truth of the Word of God, in love, but with zeal, passion, and with unction.

Like Patrick, we will not be canceled. The enemy has tried to cancel the Bible, Jesus, and His plans for the age for centuries. We in America have not encountered what believers in many nations face daily. The cancel culture is nothing new, so why are we astounded by what is happening? It is merely the enemy stepping up his game and we are caught off guard much like Patrick was when he returned to face his old master in an effort to preach the love of Christ.

This Year What Will You Do?

ON March 17, 2021, what will you do? Will you don green clothing because it is what everybody does or will you remember the real Patrick and use your voice. Will you speak the truth in love or will you party your life away?

Will you eat green sugar snacks only to get fatter or will you fast for your nation and the nations that are walking more perilously close to utter darkness each day?

The darkness is here so now is the time for the light of Christ to be seen. Light is seen better when it is surrounded by darkness. Are you a light like Patrick, or will you put your light out so you can celebrate the holiday the way the world does and not the way Patrick would, in fasting, prayer, and worship, and telling others about Jesus?

Published by Joseph Floyd

I am a disciple of Christ, Husband, Father of 3 grown daughters. My wife and have a heart for the nation's and we long to see every nation worshipping Jesus around the throne. I enjoy writing, languages, international culinary of all kinds, travel, gardening, and cooking. My goal is to see the church and the nations prepared for the King's return, Jesus Christ.

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