Lessons From The Mandalorian

Put The enemy to flight!

Luke Skywalker is in his Prime in The Mandalorian

Television programs and movies like Star Wars and Lord of The Rings often offer moments where we can apply Biblical teachings to our daily lives. Disney’s The Mandolorian’ offers one particular moment where I saw a popular prayer in action.

If you haven’t watched the Mandolorian, it is set after the Empire has fallen and during the New Republic. The Mandolorian is a bounty hunter just like Boba Fett who is sworn to follow the way of the Mandalorians. He is charged with protecting a young creature who is of the same race as Yoda. He finds that he must get him to a Jedi to help him and train him.

Throughout the series, Mando encounters many obstacles attempting to steal the ‘child’ or defeat him. He is helped at various times by friends and finally gets to the enemy’s ship where they are surrounded by ‘dark warriors who are nearly impossible to defeat. It looks hopeless for the team when suddenly a stranger arrives and makes his way to where the child is located. dismantling the enemy along the way.

It is revealed that it is Luke Skywalker, a fully trained Jedi, who one by one single-handed defeats all of the dark warriors and is allowed to take and train the child. How could one put what were invincible warriors to flight or slay them by himself?

I was reminded of the verses in the Bible that we often quote in prayer and spiritual warfare:

Deuteronomy 32: 30 “How could one chase thousand and two put ten thousand to flight?”

We quote this part without finishing the rest of the text: “unless their Rock had sold them and the Lord had given them up?”

Moses is reminding the Children of Israel that God led them out of Egypt and through the wilderness, and He had given them over to their enemies to teach them to trust in Him and not in their own skills, devices, or weapons.

When they faced giants in the book of Joshua it was God who defeated them. Even when ten spies said they could not take the land, two stood up and said that could because they trusted the Lord.

It was and still is the Lord who puts the enemy to flight. How else could a young nation who spent its entire existence in slavery or wandering in the wilderness facing many adversities, face and defeat the sons of Anakim or the Rephaim in the “land of promise?”

By putting their trust in Yahweh and being obedient to what He commanded them, He was able to defeat all of their enemies. When they became idolatrous, as in the case of Dan, they not only did not take the land assigned to them but settled where they were not supposed to.

That one mistake is still seen today in the area known as Gaza. It was never conquered by Israel and to this day is a thorn in their side because of Hamas and the fighting that flows from there.

In our story, one man, Luke Skywalker, was able to defeat an army of previously considered invincible warriors. He used the skills and abilities that he had been trained to use. He faced each one separately or in small groups until at last, he had achieved his goal.

So it is in spiritual warfare, we must face the enemy one at a time. Whether it is in personal deliverance or inner healing, or we are praying for the sins of a nation we deal with them one at a time.

When a host of the enemy’s demonic forces bombards us, we need to remember that we can send a thousand to flight, and if we are gathered with two or more in prayer we can put ten thousand running. We must be reminded that we are surrounded by a host of angels sent from heaven. God sends angels to minister to us and to help us. How else could we put the enemy to flight?

The tabernacle in the wilderness contained a covering made of animal skins that had angels woven into it to remind the worshippers that they were surrounded by angels. Of course, they were on holy ground, but as disciples of Christ are we not also?

As worshippers of Jesus and God, we are continually in the presence of God, and there are angels around the Son, the Father, and each one of us. God is known as the Lord of the hosts, or Yahweh Sabbaoth, which means He commands angel armies.

Finally, we have been given authority by Jesus over unclean spirits, and demons. We can cast them out of people and we have the authority to put them to flight. Just as God gave them authority to take the land, we have been given authority to drive out demons. We must be careful, as we must stay pure and holy and not allow any root of bitterness or unforgiveness or any other sin to take root in our lives, as it will allow the enemy to put us to flight.

Do not take the enemy lightly, but know that you have authority and you have angels on assignment to help you. Like Luke Skywalker did in the Mandalorian, you need to deal with one area at a time unless you are faced with multiple problems. Don’t face deliverance and intercession alone, but get help from prayer partners, and other believers who are walking in strong faith and living pure, holy, and spirit-filled lives.

These days we need to be constantly on guard from the tactics of the enemy more so than ever, and we need to be ready to take up our shield of faith and sword of the spirit and put thousands to flight. You have been given authority from Jesus Himself, so use it!

Published by Joseph Floyd

I am a disciple of Christ, Husband, Father of 3 grown daughters. My wife and have a heart for the nation's and we long to see every nation worshipping Jesus around the throne. I enjoy writing, languages, international culinary of all kinds, travel, gardening, and cooking. My goal is to see the church and the nations prepared for the King's return, Jesus Christ.

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