Rashida Tlaib, Donald Trump And 1967

Rashida Tlaib, Donald Trump And 1967

With all of the news about Rashida Tlaib being the first Palestinian woman elected to Congress, and her hatred of Israel and her recent rants and cursing of President Donald Trump I felt led to delve into what is really behind the filthy name calling and anti- Israel stand of the American born representative of Michigan’s 13th Congressional district. Furthur I want to remind everyone of some facts, and what lies ahead. Finally, we have to remember to pray for Rashida and all of those opposed to God’s plans.

Unless you are under a rock or just do not care about the news at all you are probably aware of recent comments at the inauguration of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib where she commented that she responded to her son’s comments “bullies never win”, with” yes and we are going to impeach the M** F***.” Nice language to use in front of your 13 and 7 year old sons. She has refused to apologize for the comments, demonstrating her ultimate hatred of Donald J. Trump and his government. On the night of the election she was draped in a Palestinian flag, not an American as one would think should be the case since she was elected to the Congress of the United States.

This all demonstrates that yes, she has an agenda, but it is not to represent her constituents, but to promote her and so many like hers, hatred of all things Israel. She is a big promoter of BDS which stands for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, of all things Israel. This movement has led to many Israeli families going bankrupt due to no sales in places like Europe where there is a strong Anti-Israel sentiment. Many families had been farming the same land for generations. Rep. Tlaib has vowed to vote against everything that comes up to help Israel, including weapons to defend themselves from all of those that want to annihilate them, especially in Gaza and West Bank.

Let me be clear all people in all of the nations around Israel are not against Israel. I know many wonderful Christians in some of these countries and I also know some Muslims who just want to ‘live’. But, Rep. Tlaib does represent many here in America and abroad when it comes to wiping Israel out. It’s Psalm 83 where the nations conspire to wipe Israel off of the earth. So, how did we get to this point, and what does President Donald Trump have to do with any of this? And what does the Bible say?

A quick history lesson would remind Rep. Tlaib that if Jordan had never attacked Israel, along with Egypt and Syria there would be no designation as West Bank, and her family would be calling themselves Jordanians. But, in June 1967 Egypt, Syria, and Jordan all attacked Israel. In just six days Israel miraculously defeated all three, and gained all of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount. The war lasted from June 5 until June 10, 1967. When the Jordanian army pulled out they left behind many Arabs who the King of Jordan had made full citizens after he annexed it on 24 April, 1950. Furthermore, these Arabs remained citizens of Jordan until 1988 when the government renounced it. That left the Arabs in the West Bank citizens of no country. If Rep. Tlaib should be mad at anyone it should be the Jordanian army for abandoning her people.

The Israeli army merely went in to occupy land that had been won in battle after defeating an enemy aggressor. Previously, the United Nations had agreed to a partition plan that gave a Jewish state and a Palestinian state with Jerusalem under UN administration. The British government made the famous Balfour Declaration in 1917 after it won the area known as Palestine from the Ottoman Empire. After Israel declared Independence in 1948 there was an Arab war and finally a peace agreement was reached. The participating nations agreed to a Green line or Armistice line. That line held and kept Jerusalem divided with the Temple Mount remaining in Arab controlled lands.

When Israel won that war in 1967 everything changed. But the world still recognized Tel Aviv as the capital until December 2018, when US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Since then several other nations, mostly Latin American have followed suit in moving their embassies to Jerusalem. I have previously written on how Australia got wrong in recognizing ‘west Jerusalem’ as the capital of Israel.You can find that article on my website, Writeitplain.com, with many verses explaining why undivided Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel, and one day when Jesus returns will be for the whole world.

It is not a perfect situation in Israel. The United Nations, and many nations believe Israel should pull back to the pre-1949 borders. In doing so it would be like playing marbles for fun, or in this case war games, but the winner doesn’t really get to keep all of the spoils. It’s not even so much keeping the spoils but it has become about protecting what you already have. Nevertheless, I am aware of the plight of many Arabs stuck west of the 1949 Green line without any citizenship. They can’t leave Jerusalem because if they do they can’t come back without proper paperwork which is hard to obtain. However, many Arabs are business people and politicians, educators, nurses, doctors, etc.

President Trump put America in alignment with God’s plan with announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Since then all hell has literally broken out. Politicians will not be able to settle all of the problems, ultimately setting the stage for the ‘man of lawlessness’ to come and bring a false peace. Eventually Jesus will return and set up his kingdom with Jerusalem as its capital. He will reign forever. In the meantime we need to pray for all of Israel to be saved. We need to pray for Arabs and Jews. God has promised a revival in all of the earth, including the ‘land of Israel’.

A member of Rep. Tlaib’s staff placed a note over Israel on a map with the word ‘Palestine” and said “now everything is right”. Satan has sought to destroy Jews and all Israelis for thousands of years. That is why we see this ant-Israel hatred and rise of anti-semitism across the globe. Israel has given self government to 10 cities in the West Bank including Jericho and Bethlehem. Jews are not allowed there.

So, the real problem with Trump is his stand on Israel. We must pray that America continues to stand with Israel. No other government is a true friend of Israel. The Bible promised to Bless those who Bless the seed of Abraham through the promised son, Isaac, and that is Israel. God also said He would curse those who curse that same seed. I’m all in for some blessing. Let’s continue to bless Israel, while praying for her enemies. Pray for an end to The BDS or boycotting and sanctions against Israel. Pray that those who hate Israel to gain a revelation of Jesus and His love for them. In the meantime you can also be a voice for Israel wherever you are. If you feel led write your Representative or Senators telling them to stand with Israel.

Published by Joseph Floyd

I am a disciple of Christ, Husband, Father of 3 grown daughters. My wife and have a heart for the nation's and we long to see every nation worshipping Jesus around the throne. I enjoy writing, languages, international culinary of all kinds, travel, gardening, and cooking. My goal is to see the church and the nations prepared for the King's return, Jesus Christ.

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