Welcome & Blessings!

This website has begun to transform and become more than I ever imagined. The name, writeitplain.com, comes from Habakkuk 2:2 where the Lord instructs the prophet to “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” This was given as a reply to questions Habakkuk had in chapter 1. He begins chapter 2 by stating that he will be on his ‘watchpost’, watching to see what God will say and answer him concerning his complaint.

In the days we live God is raising up more and more watchmen to ‘see’ or hear what He is saying to His church and to the world. As one who is called to be a watchman I must also be a reporter of what God is saying to the Church, or Ekklesia, regarding His word and its application to the issues of the day. Also, how are these issues relative to the Bible regarding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. From time to time I will speak about the enemy or the demonic kingdom and what is going on.

My primary goal in everything is to glorify Christ and thus Glorify God the Father. I wish to point to the Father Heart of God in all issues. Part of my mandate is found in Isaiah 40, in the first 5 or so verses. Bringing every mountain low and raising every valley is what we must do in order to prepare the Church, Jesus’ Bride, for His glorious return. How is this done?

First, there is prayer and worship which always help exalt Jesus, lower Satan and his kingdom. We desire to partner with Jesus, and His Kingdom and in prayer and worship we come out of agreement with the kingdom of darkness. Second, through writing, teaching, preaching, and thirdly by doing works of ‘justice’ or acts of mercy. Anytime we feed or clothe the poor we are raising up valleys of poverty. Through my writing and teaching I desire to point to God’s Holy word and ultimately His Heart.

It is my ultimate goal to reveal God’s love, joy, peace, and hope in all that I say and do. I want to see a glorified church and Isaiah 40:5 says after the ‘highway is made level and smooth’ then the glory of the Lord will be revealed. This glory is our ultimate goal. Am I a voice crying, according to Isaiah 40:3! While I do not claim to be a prophet I do believe I have and that I am a voice crying to prepare for Christ’s return.

I welcome feedback, comments and dialogue as we journey to delve into the truth behind what is going on in our world in this late hour. From time to time I may offer a prophetic word or just encouragement.  If you  do not understand or receive it that’s fine just put it on the shelf. I pray you will seek the Father’s heart in everything